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Warren County

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                Zoning Agendas
** Because of space limitations, agenda details are posted until each item has completed the public process.**
Please contact the Zoning Department for a PDF of past items.
Zoning Commission Board of Zoning Appeals
1/9/2017   1/10/2017
Clark Ventures Rezoning Request Location Map  
Clark Ventures Rezoning Application  
Clark Ventures Rezoning Concept Plan   2/28/2017
    Case 17-BZA-002 Location Map
3/6/2017   Case 17-BZA-002 Application
Sproat Rezoning Request Location Map SR-1 to OSR-1   Case 17-BZA-002 Staff Report
Sproat Rezoning Application SR-1 to OSR-1   Case 17-BZA-002 Exhibit 1
    Case 17-BZA-002 Exhibit 2
    Case 17-BZA-002 Exhibit 3
  Case 17-BZA-002 Exhibits 4-9
    Case 17-BZA-002 Exhibits 10-21
    Case 17-BZA-002 Exhibits 22-33
    Case 17-BZA-002 Exhibit 34